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The Lost Legend Trilogy - by J.L. Hardesty


Through the horse, God gave to mankind a very special form of liberty, a bequest that altered not only the face of the earth, but the heart and spirit of its human inhabitants as well.


Yet, for some reason, the Age of the Horse, and the miraculous changes brought about during this season in time, are most often overlooked. Largely thanks to humankind’s partnership with the horse, territories were discovered, explored and civilized, lands were cultivated and wars were won. In truth, the impact of this gallant creature on world progress is far more monumental than the changes brought about by any of the more heralded historic periods such as the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, and the Industrial Age. 


The Lost Legend Trilogy aims to correct this injustice by revealing the origin of the mystical bond that so powerfully exists between horses and humans—and by reminding the world at large that without the horse, civilization as we know it today would quite simply not exist.


This is an inspirational, faith filled series written for families and readers of all ages.

Book One, The Lost Legend of the First Christmas is an adventurous ride aboard God’s beloved horse to the birth of Jesus.

Book Two, Escape to Egypt, is a fictional account of the Christ Child’s first 10 years in the company of a great and special horse.

Book Three, Dawn Across the Mountains, is a tale of Jesus as a Man, of reunion and most of all of Resurrection.

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   The Lost Legend of the First Christmas

   BOOK ONE of the Lost Legend Trilogy (Hardbound) • Price $19.95

   Escape To Egypt

   BOOK TWO of the Lost Legend Trilogy (Hardbound) • Price $19.95

     Dawn Across the Mountains

     BOOK THREE of the Lost Legend Trilogy

     (Trade Paperback Edition)• Price $14.95


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Lost Legend Trilogy
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