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Buffalo Bill Memorabilia
This letter was written by Buffalo Bill to his sister in 1914, three years before his death. It is signed "Brother" This photo was taken with the letter in a frame with photos.

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This is a rare handwritten letter – with great content – and written on rare illustrated letterhead showing W. F. Cody “Buffalo Bill.”  William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody.  Autographed letter signed,”Brother.”  Fargo, N. D. July 10, 1914.  In full (spelling errors in original): 

“My Dear Sister,  When your heart is

full of sorrow.  Tell me.  For I will sympathise with you.  And if sorely pressed you can have my last cent. Realy I believe both the Oregon Basin and Lake View Canals will be financed inside of sixty days.

If so you can rent your house for big money.  Be your old brave self just like our Angel Mother.

I am feeling quite well – Johnny Baker Cables thinks he can sell my Arizona mines to English parties.

Contentment and hope – with hope one is dead.  Love Brother.” 

There is a post script on the back of the letter which reads:  “P. S.  I will send the money I want you  to come to Billings.  Aug 8th  Tell Harry to busy himself for a special train.  As we show there Saturday.”


Lalique Crystal Horse Head
The original crystal Lalique horse. Lalique is considered one of the finest glass artisians since the 1860's. Since it's revival 
after World War II, the Lalique family business is currently run by 
the grand-daughter in the same fine tradition.

A blend of frosted 
and smooth glass 
by delicate 
Hand-crafted in France - 15" H .
This piece is valued at $35,000.00

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