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The Balance Rider is a tool designed to improve seated balance for equestrians.  The device was invented by an exercise scientist familiar with proprioceptor training (commonly used to improve standing balance for a variety of sports and physical therapy applications). Endorsed by a leading clinician in the field of horsemanship, The Balance Rider is unique as it targets seated balance, which is essential for the equestrian. There is also excellent potential for expansion into the areas of physical therapy and exercises to enhance performance in other sports that require seated balance. 

Because seated balance is an absolutely basic element in the rider’s ability to maintain proper communication with a horse, most equestrians sense its absence when it is inadequate or not present at all. Without this element, a person’s ability to ride effectively and with confidence is seriously impaired.  Poor balance can–and too often does–translate to the risk of physical harm, should the rider become unseated and lose control of the horse, or fall from it.

Given the inherent unpredictable nature of horses, this risk has a wide-spread effect on both professional and recreational riders.  Many professionals improve their balance and muscle memory through thousands of hours of riding.  Without extensive riding activity, most recreational riders try to avoid situations that might cause an unexpected reaction from a horse, riding with limited confidence, only under certain conditions.