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Andrea Kidd   Musical Cowboy Poetry
Silvery vocals set amidst Western Music that stories the Cowgirl lifestyle of the West

Andria Kidd is a native Californian and a life-long horsewoman.
She spent part of her childhood in Ubol, Thailand where her parents were medical missionaries.
For over thirty-five years, Andria has lived and trained horses in Ventura County, California.
The spirit of the American West, her real life experiences and the Sespe – the outback of Ventura County, is the inspiration for her new album of musical cowboy poetry , “Sespe Sky”. The album is produced by AFIRM Records and contains selections from her books, “Kaleidoscope – Poems for the Heart” and “Big Sky – Poems for the Spirit”.

With musical accompaniment from notable recording artists and inspired production composition , “Sespe Sky” takes the listener
on a journey down the Americana trail.

You can Listen to Andrea's CD Here!


Let ‘er Buck!, a 75-minute program that chronicles the early years of rodeo and captures the true spirit of the West.  The program aired on Channel 8 in 1994 and was one of three nominated for an Emmy.  More than a dozen years after its debut, it has been released in DVD format. 
The film is rich in the old cowboy traditions, presenting legendary figures and milestones of the sport.  Using rare footage, Let ‘er Buck takes turn-of-the-century cattle drives and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.  Old-time photographs and film footage follow the evolution of rodeo events from their origin in the late 1800’s through the mid-1930’s – bronc riding, steer roping, bull-dogging and bull riding as it used to be.
From informal bronc riding and roping contests on the open range to the first organized rodeo events, the film is impeccably researched and detailed in its depiction of the sport’s early years. 

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